We are small time but we like that. There are many things out there that are small but also very awesome... like the Gameboy Micro.

Remember that thing? It was awesome.

Wii U

Nintendo Announces National StreetPass Weekend - December 14th and 15th

This upcoming weekend NIntendo has decided it’s going to be “National StreetPass Weekend” which will let players StreetPass with other players from around the country (USA). 

How will it work? When you go to a Nintendo affiliated hotspot such as Starbucks or McDonalds you would normally StreetPass with the last 6 people who visited that location, however, on this particular weekend, the StreetPass data will be that of another location from somewhere in the US. So you’ll be able to StreetPass with people from across the country instead of running into the same old faces. 



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Video: AeternoBlade Coming to 3DS eShop in January for NA and Europe

Reverse time and customize combos in this upcoming side-scroller made by Core Technology. Yeah, not a very well known developer, however, it is being published by Arc System Works so they must see something in this project. 

Available January 14th, 2014 for the 3DS eShop in both Europe and North America.

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Skull Kid from Zelda: Majora’s Mask Will Be an Assist Trophy in Smash Bros. Wii U 

No, he’s not a playable character, Sakurai made that quite clear, but Skull Kid WILL be an assist trophy coming to the aide of all those duking it out in the Wii U version of the next Smash Bros.

Tidbit by GoNintendo

Video: See What Got Left on the Cutting Room Floor in the Zelda Series

DYKGaming has a new series called “Leftovers” which goes in-depth to show some of the more obscure things that got cut during game development and were not shipped in their respective final games. 

Today, we see what didn’t make it into the beloved Zelda series.

Video: Unboxing of Japanese Turquoise and Black 3DS LL

Yep, that’s a 3DS. But it’s an LL (XL), and it’s got a blue D-Pad and buttons!

Video: Unboxing of Japanese Orange and Black 3DS LL

Yep, that’s a 3DS. But it’s an LL (XL), and it’s got an orange D-Pad and buttons!

NOA Unveils New Silver “Mario & Luigi: Dream Team” Etched Special Edition 3DS XL Bundle

There were some leaked pictures of this over the weekend so this doesn’t come to us as a complete surprise, however, what does irk us is that we’re getting this lazy silver XL for North America’s “Year of Luigi” celebration instead of the beautifully designed white XL Japan got earlier this year.

It will retail for $199 starting today and will come pre-installed with the digital version of Mario and Luigi: Dream Team.

Tidbit by NintendoEverything and TinyCartridge

Video: How to Win at the Slot Machine Mini-Game in Super Mario 3D World

Each time we’ve played the slots in 3D world we usually get only 1 live out of it but this video here shows you should listen to the music.

Now in the words of Sanka from Cool Runnings, “Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, its bobsled time! COOL Runnings!!”

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Unboxing Video: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Special Edition Gold / Black 3DS XL

Yes, it’s already out in the wild but if you’re been living under a rock and are still in the market for one of the best looking 3DS’es available than you might want to see what you get in the box.

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The History of NIntendo’s Logo

While most of us can only remember the last two iterations of the famous Nintendo apparently there have been more than a dozen other versions we’ve never even seen!

We’re personally bit fond of the middle one from 1960… very Radio Flyer-esque.

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Turquoise and Orange 3DS LL’s Coming to Japan

Begin your jealousy rants because Japan is once again getting some pretty nifty 3DS colors that more than likely won’t be coming to any other territory.

NintendoTweet just posted a couple of pictures that show off not only the new colors but also that they will be packed in with an A/C charger cable. That may come to the surprise of some but it’s been a longstanding tradition that not only DS’es but pretty much every single Nintendo home console since the Famicom has never shipped with an A/C power supply or charger — apparently trying to dodge some sort of specific tax by selling it separately (someone can correct us if we’re off). 

No word on release yet.

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Good Smile Company Releasing Winter Styled Isabelle Nendoroid from Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Right when the original Isabelle Nendoroid comes back in stock Good Smile decides to release a whole new version of everyone’s favorite secretary!

Pre-orders for the figure started today (Nov. 28th) and will end on Dec. 25th. So you have about little under a month though I’m sure they will sell out quickly. Isabelle’s Winter version is due out for release in April of 2014.

You can pre-order here - Product Page

Watch: Penelope Cruz and Her Sister Monica Play Animal Crossing: New Leaf

I’ve never gotten tired of these ads which star celebrities playing Nintendo games. Here we have the lovely Penelope Cruz and her sister trading trees she stole connived between their towns in Animal Crossing on 3DS, and if you spotted it, on 2DS.

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Watch: Check Out the Miiverse’s Latest Visual Update 

There’s not a whole lot different in the latest update except the addition of a Spotlight feature at the top of the Miiverse home screen which does exactly that: highlight new communities or games that Nintendo might particularly want to show off for one reason or another.  

It mostly looks like the Nintendo social atmosphere has gotten a more organized look, most likely to accommodate the upcoming release of it on the 3DS, which is due out sometime next month in December.